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Before You Hire a Virtual Assistant

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the daily demands of running your business? Do you find yourself bogged down by administrative tasks that take you away from more important work? 

Are you struggling to keep up with your business?

It's time to get off the

struggle bus

That's where we come in...

Other Admin Tasks

  • Formatting of blog post content, spelling/grammar checks, ensuring that content is on track with brand
  • Ensuring each Blog Post has a Call to Action for target audience
  • Setting scheduled day of the week for post to be released

Blog Posting and Content Scheduling

  • Sorting through your inbox, responding to important messages, and prioritizing emails that require your attention.
  • Creating email templates for frequently used messages, such as responses to customer inquiries, that can be easily customized and sent out.
  • Scheduling emails to be sent at a later time or date to ensure that they are sent at the most appropriate time.

  • Customer Support- ensuring your customers/clients are fully supported in their journey working with you.
  • Brand Consulting- advice and guidance to assist with improving your brand look and feel
  • Tech Support- ensuring that your business is supported behind the scenes so that you shine. 
  • Other Admin Tasks can be discussed on a Free Discovery Call 

email Management

  • Setting up social media posts promoting brand/business on platform of choice
  • Ensuring that social media inboxes are responded to along with interaction on social media pages
  • A deep dive into researching current trends, strategy, and compiling data for use within your brand

Social Media Management

superpowers to run your biz

ways i can help





30 hrs/month


Monthly Investment
starting at $1600/month

40 hrs/month

Freedom Package

15 hrs/month


Monthly Investment
starting at $600/month

Virtual Assistant Services

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Monthly Investment
starting at $1200/month

Digital Portfolios (Walking Resumes)

 Digital portfolios are an artistic, interactive approach to take your career to the next level. This product is perfect to show case detailed career journeys, educations, products, services, or entrepreneurial endeavors. From businesses to individuals- a digital portfolio is the happy
medium between a resume and a website.
Take your career or business to the next level with a fun, interactive professional digital

What to expect:
-sending professional head shots and any other additional photos that you would like to be
showcased in your portfolio such as product shots, samples of work/crafts/artistic expressions
- Digital audio/video clippings/forms, ect
- Yearly retainer fee includes one year of digital portfolio updates up to but not exceeding 30
digital media changes.

Tier 3 Package

Investment: $150

Digital professional resume, hard copy and standard copy mailed to you.

In addition to a digital cover letter and resume, you will also receive a cardstock, high dimension hard
copy of your merchandise, as well as a standard copy. This package is perfect for in person interviews.
Not only does it give the potential employer a glimpse into your skillset, it also gives you a cheat sheet to
jog your memory. You will appear put together and this will take the pressure off of the situation so that
you can feel confident and empowered to put your best foot forward.
QUICK TURNAROUNDS (As soon as one day!)
-email information (or request phone interview)
Name, address, email, phone number, job duties, education and dates, certifications, skills, values, two
references if possible, job history with approximate dates, preferred color palates

Tier 2 Package

Digital Professional Resume Service

Investment: $100

includes a personalized styled and curated resume to highlight personal accomplishments, goals,
experience, and skillset to give you the cutting edge you need to stand out in the work force. This
package also includes a well dictated cover letter explaining your aspirations which helps show future
employers that you are invested and interested. Whether you are a novice or veteran in your field, our
team will help you to condense your personal information into a stylish, eye catching document packed
full with all the pertinent information needed to appeal to your specialty. You only get one first
impression, let’s rock it!

Tier 1 Package

Workforce Development Services

How do others see you or your business? It usually starts with a resume, digital portfolio or even a snapshot to get others interested in working with you. Let our Workforce Development Branch help you today to develop a professional resume or digital portfolio to speak to your target audience.


Investment: $400 
with $200 yearly retainer option

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You may be considering hiring a virtual assistant to help lighten the load of the daily operations in your business... But! Before you start searching for a virtual assistant, there are a few key steps you should take to ensure a successful partnership.

Before You Hire A Virtual Assistant

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Before You Hire a Virtual Assistant

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Before You Hire a Virtual Assistant

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